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Craftworx is comprised of two cabinetmakers, one glazier, two carpenters and two joiners/shopfitters. We are also affiliated with reliable and reputable architects, plumbers, and electricians who can assist with jobs outside our specialty.

Among our core group, we have three highly-equipped workshops to handle every building and design need.
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The Craftworx team.

The Craftworx team. Ready to work for you!

Our costs are competitive. You don’t pay for manager wages, you pay for quality work, well managed.

“You pay for well managed quality work.”

You can be sure you’ll get the right person for the job and be spared the hassle of searching for them yourself. Our working arrangement allows us to share machinery and pool our knowledge so that you get the best possible outcome.

Our diverse capabilities offered by the 12 strong construction team of experienced renovation builders has engaged us in a wide range of projects, from a complex foundation repair on a tight hillside site in Sumner and a full commercial fitout for a local bakery, to gutting and renovating the kitchen, bathroom, toilet and laundry and building a brand new ensuite in a Cass Bay home.

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hero-shotsExtremely beneficial has been proven to have our joinery facility to complement with our building skills. If something is needed a little bit different or special, we can do it ourselves.

No other business in between is needed – so less charge and more WOW! That comes also handy, when custom-made furnishing is needed. We can build every odd shape piece of cupboard, kitchen, shelving etc.
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arohanui-house-newest-drawing_340wideIt is important to us to build a good relationship and communication with our clients.
Our 3D drawings prior to construction have been proven extremely valuable and enable us to ensure the client is completely satisfied before building commences.

We can design kitchens and interiors, but more importantly we use it to clarify design issues with architects and engineers. The ability to problem solve at design phase can save of lot of costly mistakes.

So, what’s left to say?

“We work hard, but we still want to have fun.”

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